We provide custom composition glasses for dental restoration manufacturers worldwide, boasting more than twenty years’ experience in this field.   Employing our own unique melting method, we offer a wide range of solutions, specialising in glasses with well-defined chemical control and high levels of fluorine.

Our glass is supplied either as quenched pieces (frit) or as a spray-dried powder. Particle size is your choice: we currently produce powders with D50 values ranging from 0.7 up to 10 microns. A clean grinding process provides transparent, colourless powders, whilst spray-drying produces a weakly-agglomerated powder that is easier for handling.  

We’ve enhanced our ISO 9001 quality system to ensure compatibility with our customers’ ISO 13485 requirements.

Our range includes:

Reactive glasses

Reactive glasses with fluorine content up to 25 wt%, for use in traditional glass ionomers, resin-modified glass ionomers, and specialist composite applications.

The glass chemistry should ideally be optimised to suit the final product, and most of our customers have their own glass formulation. We offer a small range of example glasses that you can either use in a product or as a starting point for development of a bespoke glass.

Inert Glasses

Barium-containing inert glasses for use in composites. We offer two glasses, DF 11 (barium) and DF 12 (barium and zinc), both radiopaque and available in a range of particle sizes.

We also offer glasses based on strontium, yttrium and ytterbium.

Glass Ceramics

Glasses manufactured by our usual melting method, quenched to a glassy state. These products are supplied as crushed glass pieces or as a powder, ready for further processing and eventual sintering to a ceramic phase.

We’re currently developing a new technology to widen the melting range achievable in both chemistry and temperature. We welcome opportunities to work with manufacturers and researchers to scale-up and commercialise new formulations.


Bioglasses are utilised in a range of applications, from cosmetics to medical devices.

We’re working with several customers and universities do develop new bioglass formulations, including a strategic partnership with BioMin, an innovative new toothpaste that uses bioactive glasses to protect teeth for over 12 hours, helping to reduce sensitivity and decay.

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